• Kurt: Works out in underwear in clear sight where he know Blaine can see, getting hot and sweaty so his unworthy fiance want to jump his bones.
  • Blaine: Stuffs his face full of Cronuts and watches in envy, he want's Kurt to be insecure and a non sexual being like he thought Kurt was in Lima.
  • Kurt: Flexes and wears tight clothes, tries to throw hints at Blaine and be sexy.
  • Blaine: Gets angry at guys paying attention to Kurt and not him like they normally do, have voice overs about how HE used to have attention and how Kurt was just /Kurt/, then proceed to stuff his face with cheetos and plots on how he can ruin his 'competitions' figure
  • Kurt: Blaine I want to have sex
  • Blaine: Watches Frat Boi Physics


"I never believed in love, not until I met you and then I got to know what it’s really like to feel love, to be loved" Alec said with a shaky voice.
He grabbed the Warlock’s hand “And that’s why I’m going to be selfish right now-” he got down on one knee “- because I know what it’s like to live…


Push-ups and kisses for all eternity.


Push-ups and kisses for all eternity.



Episode:  5x16 – Tested
Length:  16:57
Air date:  April 15, 2014
Songs/Performances: Love is a Battlefield.

Download link: Sendspace

Part 1 (453 MB)

That’s What You Get When You Let Your Heart Win


Status: WIP

Rating: M

Summary: L.A is famous for it’s underground dance troupes. So when Kurt arrives, looking for the right place to get money for his dad’s heart surgery, the Tornado’s are there to help, but not without their rival dance troupe, Black Illusion standing in their way. Dark!Blaine Street Dance!Klaine

From the beginning: FanFiction


klex. just a fantasy

Killian Jones Quiet Minds




A: Call Magnus and ask him what the hell he has done.


M: Apply make-up on that gorgeous new face of mine, because I know he can’t keep me from doing so this time.


M: Or take cute pictures of ‘myself’.


M: Or put on my whole wardrobe just to finally see him wearing…