klaine hiatus challenge  favorite klaine kiss


 part one


i’ll remember the love that you gave me


No one said it would be easy.

No one ever said that it would be so difficult.


klaine hiatus challenge

day eight: favorite klaine hug

this hug always kills me i love it

Klaine 30 day challenge. Day 30: Top 5 Klaine moments.


5. image

image"We are now going to have the hottest makeup sex ever"


 image image

The first kiss! (and the second one)



image"American Boy" performance!

2.imageimageThe proposal!!


"You take my breath away" This is literally my favorite moment ever between them because they just look so in love with each other and I love it!!

Fic: Movie Moment


masquerade!AU. Blaine accidentally bumps into a stranger at NYADA’s annual ball. Their connection is instant.

~1400 words, PG. Fluffy fluff.

Blaine ducked into one of the curtained alcoves that lined the ballroom, tossing a hasty apology over his shoulder-

-and running smack into another person, who let out an “oof!” of surprise.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Blaine said, carefully moving himself to the other end of the small, dimly lit nook. “I was just-”

He abruptly cut himself off once he looked up into the stranger’s face. Though most of it was obscured by his ornate silver-and-navy swirled mask, the man’s eyes were still visible, and God, if Blaine had to only look at those for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t be mad. They were a stunning blue-grey, made bright by the complementary colors of the man’s mask. Blaine kind of felt like a slob when he compared his own simple black mask to the other man’s finery.

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